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Explore our collection of bead bracelets, and necklaces each featuring an exclusive paisley charm in one of the six soul age colors.


Our bracelets are personal expressions of your spiritual journey. Crafted to symbolize your inner growth and individuality, with 7 chakra beads and our exclusive paisley charms, they stand as unique fashion statements that resonate with the essence of who you are.


​Handcrafted in brass with a choice of six unique paisley charms. Each color symbolizes a stage of personal evolution, blending art, spirituality, and style. Wear your soul's journey with these one-of-a-kind pieces.

paisley charms

The true magic lies in the paisley charm. Exclusively designed to align with the Paisley ID aesthetic, these charms stand as unique expressions, found solely within our collection. They are a conversation starter, a statement piece, and a personal talisman all rolled into one.


Choose your Paisley Charm in one of six colors, each representing a different soul age: red for Infant Soul, orange for Baby Soul, yellow for Young Soul, green for Mature Soul, turquoise for Old Soul, and blue for Elder Soul.

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