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Handcrafted with Black Matte Beads and colorful chakra beads, our bracelets are personal talismans that connect you to your inner self. They are conversation starters, statement pieces, and symbols of your individuality.

Wear them to express yourself, celebrate your spiritual journey, and add a touch of energy and style to your look. Share your journey with the world through the magic and charm of Paisley ID.

Paisley Charms: A Reflection of Your Soul's Journey

The true enchantment of our bracelets lies in the exclusive Paisley Soul Charm. Available in one of six colors, each representing a different soul age: red for Infant Soul, orange for Baby Soul, yellow for Young Soul, green for Mature Soul, turquoise for Old Soul, and blue for Elder Soul.

These charms are exclusively designed to align with the Paisley ID aesthetic, embodying a unique fusion of art, spirituality, and personal identity. They are not mere fashion statements; they are intimate pieces of your soul's history and a testament to your spiritual growth.

Paisley Charm Bracelet with Black Matte Beads

Soul Age
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