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Lo-Tech Interactive Spiritual Experience

Step into the mystical world of Paisley ID and discover the depths of your soul with a personalized, spiritual experience. Answer a series of simple questions about your energetic self without thinking too much, trusting your instincts and intuition. Once you complete the quiz, watch as our lo-tech generative art technology springs into action, crafting a beautiful and unique paisley inspired directly by your responses

But that's just the beginning! Your paisley will join others in an interactive aquarium where they will connect, swim and dance in a beautiful tapestry of color and energy. It's a chance to discover something new about yourself and to connect with the vibrant community of festival-goers.

Join us in this lo-tech interactive spiritual experience, embrace the new age magic of human connection and unlock the secrets of your inner self with Paisley ID.



Participants start the experience on the arcade, where they respond to a quiz to create their own Paisley.

Paisley ID Installation - Tickets


Once completed, visitors can print their ticket, holding personalized fortune about their Life Path Number, Soul Age and Chakras. 

The tickets are a mix of fortune cookie, Zoltar ticket and CVS receipt.

Paisley ID Installation - Aquarium


Upon scanning the QR code on their ticket, visitors will see their paisley interact with others in the back room. The Aquarium is a space to contemplate our social connections.

Paisley ID at Sunset Campout 2023

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